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What is Tiny Haven ?

Our Founders

Steven Ericksens Bio Picture

Steven Ericksen is the artist that has illustrated the places and characters of the Kingdom of Tiny Haven. He has also illustrated all of the characters and backgrounds for the upcoming game app.

He is also responsible for designing the website that houses all of the information about the fantastic Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

Steven has written all of the stories and web content for the Tiny Haven website as well. Steven has also animated the motion graphics that you can view on YouTube and the Tiny Haven Website.

Stephen fitches Bio Picture

Stephen Fitch has had a support and advisory role in the discovery of Tiny Haven.

He was instrumental in taking all of the visual information that has been done by Steven and presenting it in an accurate and dynamic fashion for the first attempt at gaining access to the wondrous Dimension 117 that holds the Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

Tiny Haven Discovered

Orange Hue Houses In The Trees

Stephen and Steven were working on a portal with the hopes of being able to look into alternate dimensions. During one of their test launches, Stephen discovered a small power surge in one of the control rods. He decided to add more power to the surge and see if it would boost the arc inducers output.

What happened next was not only surprising but exhilarating. Stephen and Steven suddenly found themselves hurtling through a dimensional rift. Their expulsion from the rift was amazingly painless and when they adjusted to their new surroundings they were quite excited about the new world they discovered.

There was only one drawback to what had just transpired. Our two valiant explorers had not anticipated actually going to another dimension so they didn't have any equipment or supplies at the ready. The excitement of the event however, had overtaken any worry about the lack of provisions.

The two men decided that their first priority was to cautiously scout around and get the lay of the land. During this initial survey Stephen noticed that there was a strange feeling in the air. He asked Steven if he felt it as well. Steven acknowledged that he did feel something but he couldn't exactly say what it was.

They both noticed that their were differences in the flora and fauna from the creation that they were accustomed to back in their dimension. Steven suddenly exclaimed that their really are other dimensions that have been created. Stephen happily agreed and wondered out loud if they would be able to get back to their own dimension.

With that in mind the two travelers began an extraordinary journey that would take them to incredible lands and amazing untamed wildernesses. This is the beginning of something wondrous.

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