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News from Tiny Haven

Hot off the Press

This just in from Tiny Haven:


Bachertach Invasion

Bachertach has stunned Shamgarn with his ability to control the clouds of Tiny Haven.

Apparently Bachertach can use the clouds to not only stun his opponents but he can use them to teleport himself and his wretched minions in and out of the various regions of Tiny Haven.

Yesterdays News

This just in from Tiny Haven:


Bachertach Invasion

Bachertach has been appearing in the skies over the eastern portion of
the kingdom of Tiny Haven. It has
become more evident that Bachertach is intent on destroying the Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

We now have confirmed reports that Bachertach has been sending out his nefarious minions to wreak havoc on the local inhabitants. We will keep you posted as reports come in.

The developers at Tiny Haven have been making progress on the dimensional interface so that you can assist our hero Shamgarn in ridding the Kingdom of Tiny Haven of Bachertach and his
wretched minions.

Strange Sightings


Deersnail On the Forest Floor

We have reports of a snail sighting in the western realm of Tiny Haven. It has been reported to be a Deersnail. The Deersnail has been leaping and slithering across the land and miring unsuspecting livestock in the farm lands near the Galtarian Forest. We have learned that several farmers have been mired by the Deersnail while they tried to retrieve their abducted livestock from this odd but extremely dangerous creature.

We are working diligently to bring you the interface that will enable you to aid Shamgarn in the removal of the Deersnail from the Kingdom of Tiny Haven in the fabulous Dimension 117.

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