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Coming Soon

Shamgarn Flying Over Tiny Haven

The fabulous Tiny Haven game app is still being developed. So while you are anxiously waiting, below is a fun choose your own adventure story straight out of beautiful Tiny Haven in the fantastic Dimension 117.

The Boarnot Encounter

Shroom In The Grass

by: Steven Ericksen © 2015-2024 All Rights Reserved.

Tiny Haven Interactive Stories

Intro Man

There are many amazing and nefarious things going on in Tiny Haven at present. This story will take you on an adventure that will give you some insight as to the current conditions in Tiny Haven.

This story has been written with you in mind. Read each section carefully with the intention that you are the one going on the adventure. You will always be presented with choices at various places in the adventure, so choose wisely and try to go as far as you can before you meet with an untimely demise.

During your adventure if you find yourself in need of a break, even though I can't imagine why you would want to stop reading your way through Tiny Haven, you can use the bookmark function in your browser and it will save the section you are currently reading.

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