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The Boarnot Encounter; Crouching in The Grass

Canfron Flower In The Grass

by: Steven Ericksen © 2015-2022
All Rights Reserved.

While crouching in the grass you are unaware that a rather large male Boarnot is approaching your location. He most likely has smelled you and thinks you might make a tasty pre supper snack or at the very least a useful slag worker in the iron mines of Perkasite in the North lands. The Boarnot's are not particular when it comes to their dietary concerns so you would be considered edible fare. The male Boarnots are unusually large beings and are quite loathsome in appearance. With their low furrowed brows and there deep inset eyes they have the look of being angered at all times. Their skin is like hard worn leather with scars from numerous battles and brawls. The odor that emits from them is like old pickles that have gone rancid.

The Boarnot that is approaching you is coming closer, evident by the sound of his pounding footsteps. You can now hear his rancid breath as he comes ever closer, you look up and suddenly you are face to face with one of Tiny Havens most fearsome beings. At that moment, as you gaze anxiously into the Boarnots fiery red eyes you realize that lying down in the tall grass in the clearing was a very unwise choice.

  1. You immediately jump straight up and begin to shout obscure references as to being able to beat the approaching menace with your bear hands.
  2. You pull yourself up into a tight little fetal ball and begin to whimper.
  3. You begin to pray and ask Elohim the King of the Universe for help.
  4. You jump up and now begin to run towards the gloomy forest.

The Boarnot somewhat startled by your sudden movement hesitates and for the moment heeds your warnings. The Boarnots are not known for their intellectual prowess and fortunately for you they are easily distracted. You continue to shout and flail about hoping that this giant creature actually accepts your threats and backs down. Unfortunately for you the loud and bawdy behavior you have been exhibiting has managed to attract the Boarnots traveling companions.

The other two Boarnots that are now gathered around you are equally as large and nasty as the original Boarnot that discovered you. Your anxiety level has understandably risen to all most unbearable heights but somehow you manage to notice that all three of your would be devourers have left
sizable openings around them including their wide stance they each
have taken.

At this point even under extreme duress, you have been able to get a good look at the Boarnots and you can see that they are well armed and quite physically fit. All three of them have a similar look and size so you find it difficult to find any significant weaknesses in any of them.

However they have been talking amongst themselves for the moment and besides your initial shock of being actually able to understand most of the words that are coming out of their mouths, that they don't strike you as the type of being that would be interested in sitting down and discussing the situation over tea. Especially since the first one has mentioned that you look tasty.

  1. You begin to mention that you wouldn't make a very good snack because of all the diseases you have and that you have a very hideous rash on most of your body.
  2. You begin to writhe and sputter gibberish. You flop to the ground and convulse as if you were having a seizure. You jerk and shout obscenities mixed with even more gibberish.
  3. You decide to try to reason with the four large Vargaulus even after your initial assessment.
  4. You now decide to pray out loud to Elohim the King of the Universe.

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