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These are some of the characters you will find in the fantastic Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

Shamgarn (Sham-gawrn)

Shamgarn Hero Pose

From the Davalous tribe in the Kingdom of Tiny Haven, springs forth a hero of courage and conviction. Shamgarn, the one man who stands in the way of the wretched villains that have beset the Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

Shamgarn has been blessed with many unique abilities. Throughout Shamgarns' life he has often wondered why he was blessed with such power. He needs no longer question, as he faces the vilest villains he has ever known.
Origin Story

Bachertach (Baw-ker-talk)

Bachertach Villain Pose

This mysterious wraith like being is from the dark and gloomy region north of Tiny Haven.

Bachertach has many minions at his disposal. He controls the aggressive race of beings known as the Boarnots.

Bachertach has also harnessed two strange and destructive species of creatures known as the Trilonox and the Deersnail.
Origin Story

Faringoth (Fair-in-gawth) the Trisk

Faringoth The Trisk Villain Pose

This strong and aggressive being is from the shores of the Palomantis Sea. The Palomantis Sea churns to the east of Tiny Haven.

Faringoth is one of the most powerful and influential Trisks in the Palomantis Empire.
He has control over the Garion Pickle.
Origin Story

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