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Here at the official Tiny Haven website we are working hard to bring you the best ways you can help our hero Shamgarn defend against the wretched villains that have begun to invade the fantastic Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

This is the place where you will find updates to the progress of the Tiny Haven game app, a choose your own adventure story/game, character bios and much more. Stay awhile and cruise around, you never know who you might run into.

The Boarnot Encounter

Shroom In The Grass

This is the first of many choose your own adventure stories that you will find here at Tiny Haven.

This story has been written with you in mind. Read each section carefully with the intention that you are the one going on the adventure. You will always be presented with choices at various places in the adventure, so choose wisely and try to go as far as you can before you meet with an untimely demise.

This is a map of the town of Kelvendor.

Hover over one of the buildings and you can click through to enter that building. Each location has some bonus options to add to the Boarnot Encounter adventure story.

Armory Hidden Vita Vendor Hidden Eat Sleep Hidden House of Knowledge Hidden Garrison Town of Kelvendor Town of Kelvendor

Coming Soon

Shamgarn Flying Over Tiny Haven

The fabulous Tiny Haven game app is still being developed. So while you are anxiously waiting, above is a fun choose your own adventure story straight out of beautiful Tiny Haven in the fantastic Dimension 117.

Stories from Tiny Haven

A Farmers Plight

by Steven Ericksen

Tiny Haven Clouded View

It was a typical day for farmer Ashconi. He was going about his daily routine. First he waters his prize winning fantastic figs, then he proceeds to feed the Alpachons in the open fields behind his big blue shed.

Suddenly he hears a strange squishy noise and a strong thumping. He looks around and sees a large Garion Pickle leaping across the open field.

"It was a horrifying site to behold," said farmer Ashconi with a troubled look on his face, "it went right after one of my Alpachons and squirted some retched brine- like substance all over it."

Farmer Ashconi went on to describe the incident as "one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen."

Apparently after the Garion Pickle brined the Alpachon it then proceeded to scoop it up into its mouth and carry it off into the nearby woodlands.

"The sightings of the Garion Pickle have been increasing over the past few months here and around these farmsteads outside of Tiny Haven," farmer Ashconi said.

"We hope that Shamgarn will soon be able to put an end to these horrific tragedies. " farmer Ashconi concluded with a heavy sigh.

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