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Welcome to the Garrison

Greetings traveler, we are the Nelwin Blue Guard.

We have been stationed here in the town of Kelvendor to protect the people from the wretched villains that have beset the once peaceful Kingdom of Tiny Haven. Many of the Boarnots have been spotted lurking around the forest just outside of Kelvendor. Choose a symbol on the board above or choose an option from the list below. Depending on what choices you make we will respond as best we can.

Please feel free to hover over our images and click through for some extra information about our people and some unique items.

  1. Stand out on the open plains.
  2. Quickly walk towards the gloomy forest.
  3. This choice is coming soon so please check back often.
  4. This choice is unavailable at this time please check back later.

by: Steven Ericksen © 2015-2020 | All Rights Reserved.

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