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The Boarnot Encounter; Reaching the forest

Gloomy Forest Intro Edge

by: Steven Ericksen © 2015-2022
All Rights Reserved.

Upon reaching the forest you still hear footsteps coming up behind you. You take a quick look over your left shoulder and gaze upon a horrid boar snouted creature that is lumbering towards you. It is beginning to pick up its pace and you see in the close distance behind it that there are two more of them also hasting their pace.

You can make out that it is armed with a large spike tipped club, it also appears to be wearing a heavy chest plate and a rather large helmet. You are so taken with the fact that you are seeing a creature of such strange proportions that you are still standing out in the open and the creatures do not seem to be all that friendly.

Suddenly, you hear a voice coming from the direction of the forest, it shakes you out of your stunned trance, and "run!" is all you hear.

  1. You follow the advice of the voice and begin running into the forest.
  2. You run at a frenzied pace towards the odd rock formation.
  3. You turn and run out into the open plain behind you.
  4. You ignore the voice and remain motionless watching the creatures approaching your location.

As you enter the forest you can see that there are plenty of places you can hide. You keep running however, deeper into the forest, dodging trees and leaping over fallen timber. You remember that you heard a voice that told you to run; you start to wonder where the creature associated with the voice might be hiding.

Suddenly you are met with a sizable force from your left side and realize you are being driven to the ground by a hefty sized being. Your first impulse is to cry out but for some reason you remain quite except for the groaning that comes forth when a person is tackled to the ground.

"Stay still and remain quite " whispers the person that now holds you firmly from behind. You do as the voice suggests. As you are lying there you notice that you are behind some fallen timber. You then hear the creatures that where pursuing you coming closer to your location. "Where could that creature have gotten off to?" A raspy guttural voice calls out. "I know it was fast but it couldn't have gotten deep into the forest that quick". A second voice of equal rasp chimes in "I think it is hiding in some hole around here, let's have a look".

You look down to your waist line to get a glimpse of the persons arms who have been holding onto you, when without warning the arms that held you release and the person loudly whispers "stay down and don't come out"! You roll back and look up and behold a large male figure is standing over you. He shouts at the three creatures "Stand down you wretched Boarnots, or face my blade!" You stare at this sizable man and notice that he too is armed and has heavy armor. The man has drawn his amazingly large sword and is pointing it in what you assume is the direction of the three creatures now identified as Boarnots. The man then leaps to the top of the log that you are hiding behind and restates "stand down and yield to me!" In unison the three Boarnots shout back "never!" "We will not yield to you Shamgarn of Tiny Haven" snarls a single Boarnot voice. With amazing speed and power the man known as Shamgarn leaps up and over the log towards the three Boarnots.

  1. You decide to slowly rise up to peer over the long fallen timber, ignoring the advice Shamgarn had given you concerning staying down behind the logs.
  2. You pull yourself up into a tight little fetal ball and begin to whimper.
  3. You begin to pray and ask Elohim the King of the Universe for help.
  4. You jump up and now begin to run towards the gloomy forest.

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