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Character Bio's

Origin Story

Bachertach (Baw-ker-talk)

Bachertach Villain Pose Bio

Bachertach is from a cruel and nefarious race of beings known as the Cartafaum. They originate from dimension 199.

There is a long and bitter struggle within the ranks of the Cartafaum Empire that has been raging on for many years. Bachertach, after destroying the senior member of
the Dark Source council, emerged as the Supreme Ruler.

Bachertach made the decision that the dimension that the Cartafaum Empire resides in should be the only dimension that has complete control and supremacy in all the dimensional worlds.

Bachertach has set out to create a prime dimension by controlling or destroying all of the other dimensions that are in the recently discovered multidimensional universe.

Bachertach employs a strange and powerful ability that he learned from an ancient evil text. This ability gives him the power to merge into other dimensions and while in the other dimensions he is able to remain connected to his own dimension. This is why he appears like a wraith while he is in the Kingdom of Tiny Haven. Bachertach has made it seem as though he is from the gloomy northern region to keep Shamgarn from discovering his true evil intensions.

Bachertach has been able to overtake every dimension that he has invaded. However, dimension 117 has been most difficult for him to conquer. The Kingdom of Tiny Haven is the last bastion of hope that dimension 117 has against the onslaught of Bachertach and his minions
of destruction.

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