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Character Bio's

Origin Story

Faringoth (Fair-in-gawth) the Trisk

Villain Faringoth the Trisk Pose Bio

Faringoth is from the region east of Tiny Haven. He is from a race of beings known as the Trisk. The Trisk formed a Monarchy known to this day as the Palomantis Empire. The Palomantis Empire is run by a powerful monarch known as Tarvashian the Massive.

Faringoth, after a brutal combat of aspiration, became the High Governor of the War Council. Faringoth has always believed that the leader of any battle force should always go forth on their own into battle to prove their might.

Palomantis had already begun a war campaign against Tiny Haven when Faringoth attained the High Governor post. Faringoth was determined to prove his worth and began to attack various Holt's within Tiny Haven. With his powerful physical strength, Faringoth has been single handedly destroying the small militia formations in the eastern provinces of Tiny Haven.

Faringoth encountered Bachertach during one of the devastating raids. During their encounter, Bachertach proposed an alliance, with the sole purpose of destroying the entire Kingdom of Tiny Haven. Faringoth eagerly accepted Bachertachs proposal and together they began their invasion of Tiny Haven.

Faringoth has also enlisted the allegiance of the Garion Pickle and gained control over a hoard of Deersnails.

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