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The Boarnot Encounter; The Rash Reason

Komilon Flower In The Grass

by: Steven Ericksen © 2015-2017
All Rights Reserved.

The three Boarnots continue talking among themselves when suddenly the first Boarnot grabs his companions nasty looking iron tipped spear and pins you to the ground through your pant leg. Apparently the Boarnots are not as dense as you had originally hoped. As the Boarnot returns his attention back to the heated conversation with his companions you grab the rather large spear and begin to try to pry it out of the ground.

Without warning the second Boarnot lunges toward you, grabs the spear, puts his face uncomfortably close to yours and explains in an aggressive tone "hold still, we don't want you to squirm away while we talk out your fate." He gruntingly laughs as he pulls away, "I think we should eat him right here and straight away," the second Boarnot declares triumphantly. The first Boarnot retorts "I think we need to take him to Bachertach and let him ponder this out." He continues in a foreboding tone "after all it was Bachertach how gave the command that all unusual beings are to be brought before him for judgment." The third Boarnot finally speaks and with a somewhat whine in his tone states "must we really drag this creature all the way to Fallsend? It is such a long way and I'm very hungry."

Terrified, you really start to pull and tug at the spear that holds you to the cold hard ground, hoping that somehow you can break free and escape the impending doom that faces you.

  1. You cry out, "why, why do you want to eat me?"
  2. You begin to franticly swing your arms and legs.
  3. You start to scream and shout for help.
  4. You cry aloud to Elohim the King of the Universe.

The first Boarnot picks you up firmly by the back of your coat dislodging the spear from your pant leg and explains "since you have asked, I've decided that we will eat you." Pulling you closer up to his eye level the retched Boarnot puffs and continues "we are not picky eaters and since you were just lying there in the grass looking strange and without any purpose about you I feel it would be easier to eat you at this point then to drag you all the way back to Bachertach at Fallsend." The Boarnot admits however that it is a risk not informing Bachertach about your existence. He looks over at his companions with a strange and foreboding grin. They grin in agreement and the second one deviously states "we don't always tell Bachertach every little thing, now do we".

As he does so you squirm franticly and slip out of your coat. You land awkwardly on the ground and stumble into an uneasy run. You head for the forest that looms some distance away. The Boarnots are startled somewhat by your sudden move. This hesitation gives you enough of a head start that you are able to out run them. The Boarnots are not the fastest runners as the second one implied earlier.

You make it to the forest and are able to elude the Boarnots. After wondering through the dimly lit forest for what seems like an entire day you come upon an unkempt road. You step out onto the road and notice that it appears to have fresh moderately wide wheel treads furrowed into the dark brown soil. As you look cautiously around you see a human looking man standing by a goods laden horse cart. The man seems to be busy going through his wears, he doesn't seem to notice you so you call out "hello" after the word has left your mouth you wonder if saying anything to anyone is a very wise idea.

Fortunately for you the man is a traveling merchant and he greets you with a warm "hello indeed". The merchant continues in an encouraging tone "you don't appear to be from these parts, since you are talking with me I can tell you that you haven't done the best on this journey ". As the merchant is speaking you begin to realize that this is a journey with some sort of outcome you need to discover. The kindly merchant sympathetically continues "So you have made the wrong choices on your first outing, be of good cheer there is always another chance to venture out again!"

"Before you go," the merchant kindly states "if you find me again under better circumstances I will be glad to let you
know if you are on the right trail. Farwell for now and be of good courage".

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