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Boarnot (Boar-not)

Villain Boarnot

During a scouting mission to Tiny Haven, in dimension 117, Bachertach discovered the beings known as the Boarnots. These seemingly dimwitted beings are surprisingly clever.
To the fiendish delight of Bachertach, the Boarnot's cleverness can be easily exploited toward evil intent.

The Boarnots have mastered blacksmithing and distillation. They have become the finest weapon makers in all the North land of Perkasite. Boarnots are also very aggressive and have used their weaponry and fighting prowess to attack various Holts within the land of Perkasite.

Even though the Boarnots have a capital city they don't claim to have
a formal Kingdom. This made it much easier to persuade them to follow Bachertach in his tyrannical quest to destroy the Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

Bachertach convinced the High Commander, Fleckendoar that it would be in the Boarnots best interest to destroy the Kingdom of Tiny Haven. Praying on the Boarnots violent tendencies and Fleckendoar's paranoia, Bachertach made the case that Tiny Haven would eventually control the land of Perkasite and enslave the Boarnots forever.

Now Bachertach has a legion of powerful Boarnot minions at his command and with this legion he has launched a wicked campaign of destruction upon the Kingdom of Tiny Haven.

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